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Xll                                                CONTENTS.
views of distribution—Many well-known European plants have
other names in the Indian Floras—Instances from Ranunculaceot .    38
Range of Himalayan species in altitude, and of some of these ant!
others in longitude, from Europe to the Chinese Sea—Illustrations
by parallel instances of distribution in Europe and North Asia, etc. 39
Principles upon which the study of geographical distribution depends   3i>
Specific centres—Our own opinion regarding them—Dispersion not
altogether attributable to causes now in operation—Effects of geo-
logical change—LyelTs and Forbes* views—Application of them to
Indian Flora—Migration between India and Java — Effects of
winds, animals, and oceanic currents—Dean Herbert's views of
the effect of the preoccupation of the soil.....41
Application of these principles—Uncertainty of effects of reproduc-
tion—Principles adopted by ourselves in the * Flora Indica7 in re-
ducing species—In adopting a system of nomenclature . . .43
Rejection of native names for species—Follow general plan of Wight
and Araott's 'Prodromus*........44
IV. SUMMARY OF LABOTJBS OP INDIAN BOTANISTS      .      .      .      .45
A, Ftiblications of importance.
' HortusMalabaricus'—Bheede—Ruraphius' * Herbarium Anaboinenae*
—Hermann—Burmann's * Thesaurus'—Linnaeus* 'Flora Zoylanica*
—Loureiro's * Flora Cochinchmensis"—his life and travels , . 4<3
Roxburgh's c Flora Indica'—Wallich's c Plant» Asiatics Rariores*—
his work on Kipal plants—Roxburgh's Coronrandel plants . . 4-8
Dr. Jack—Wight and Amott's'Prodromus'.....47
Wight's * Contributions to the Botany of India/ and * lUufltrations of
Indian Botany' — * Iconos Plautarum Indiee Orusntalis * — * Spici-
legium Neilgherrense' ......... 49
Mr. Benthain'B labours.........50
Do Ctiiulollo'H 'Prodromus*—Boyle's 'Illustrations of the Botany of
the Himalaya* .......... 51
JDecaisno and CanVbessedes* plants of Jacquomont's Voyage—Grahaifl'a
catalogue of Bombay })lnnt»........5$
Moon's catalogue of IVyloit plants — Voigt's *Hortu8 S»h"*b»*;ma
Calcuttcnsis'—Liudlcy's ' (Genera and Species Orelaucvu'uin*—•-his
other Inbours—* Folia Oi'ohidacea*......C3
Horsficld's labours—Brown and Bennett's * Plauteo Javauic'so BariortV
—Blume's 'Bijdrageii'.........51
* Flora Javue* — *Rutupliia* — *Mo«ciun Butanicum* — Korthaln7
* Kruidlrundc1—"Tyti<juors nionogi*aph of JPtjperace& and F'ici .       ,    55
Do Yriese's works—Hasskarrs c Hurt us BogorieiisiB*—PresfH *Heli-
quite Ilaenkiause1—^Bkuco's * Flora de las Filipinas'—Ledebour'a
* Flora Rossica,9 * Flora Altaica*.......    ftt;
Otlior RuHsian botauists—BoissiorV * Diagnoses*—J£u¥0))can Floras  .    57
Auioricau works......               ...    58